Laith Al Obaidi Brother Group Cars Trading LAUNCHES Dongfeng IN JORDAN

Laith Al Obaidi Brother Group Cars Trading LAUNCHES Dongfeng IN JORDAN

Laith Al Obaidi Brother Group Cars Trading, the sole distributor of multi brand in Jordan, celebrated the launch of the first official Dongfeng first exclusive center in Jordan, the ceremony took place on the 10th of October at the Dunez Club and was attended by ministries, VIP's from both the public & the private sectors, Dongfeng Business Unit Middle East representatives and media members.

The foundation of Dongfeng was laid with a single brushstroke, a straightforward statement of character, dynamic movement, and ardent emotion, which serves as a compass for everyone involved in the vehicle's creation. It expresses Dongfeng's one and only goal: to absorb inspiration and transform it into exhilaration in order to produce a luxurious sensory experience. According to Dongfeng, they passionately rework luxury to move you emotionally rather than creating tools that move you physically.

The Dongfeng Brand Manager, Mr. Ahmad Alobaidi, elaborated, "Dongfeng articulates our solitary aim: to take inspiration and turn it into excitement, to create a luxury of sensory experience." "The Dongfeng dealership experience is more than just buying a car," he added. It involves getting to know our consumers' lifestyles and building a trusting relationship.

In Mr. Ahmad Alobaidi Speach, CEO of Dongfeng, warmly greeted all attendees and expressed the pride of being the sole distributor of Dongfeng in Jordan. Mr. Ahmad stated, “Our challenge is to introduce a new idea that combines art, vibrant sensuality with innovative and intuitive technology.”

The culminating moment of the ceremony revolved around the unveiling of the heroes; T5 EVO, VENECIA STAR E4, T5L, AEOLUS A30 (E2), D60, A60 MAX and AX7 PLUS, in an atmosphere that perfectly combined art, gastronomy with a live musical band performance. Also, the attendees had the chance to explore Dongfeng showcased models that offer exceptional levels of power, refinement, safety and driving exhilaration.